History Geeks and Educational Media Specialists


Field Trips

Chris and Sean can do guided field trips to places of historical or educational value. This can be recorded or done in an in-person group setting.


Bringing interactive events and field trips to your group in real time.

Content Videos

 Creating original, engaging multimedia content for your educational needs.


Below is a sampling of some of our video work over the years. The samples include episodes of Field Trippin', Know Your Neighbor, The History Geeks, and How It Works. 

The History Geeks

History Geek Club at Victorian Village

Presidents' Day

Serpent Mound

2017 Veterans Day

2016 Veterans Day

Zoar Village and the Civil War 

Field Trippin'

Washington, D.C.

Hale Farm and Village

National Air & Space Museum

Aquarium of the Niagara

Mound City Group

Niagara Falls, N.Y.

The Battle of Lake Erie

Primary and Secondary Sources

How It Works

Honey Bees

Know Your Neighbor

Cleveland Russian Festival

Columbus Greek Festival



Chris and Sean met in 2008 when they were employed as social studies teachers at an online K-12 school. Always looking for ways to engage students with historical content, they decided to create The History Geeks Club for students. Originally the club met once a month online and culminated in a year-end trip to the National Underground Railroad Museum.

But that was just the beginning. 

The club grew in popularity, and soon expanded to both monthly online meetings and in-person field trips to locations of historical significance. Around this time Chris and Sean also began using video to create mini-lessons to help augment the historical knowledge that the students were craving. 

In February, 2016, Chris and Sean obtained permission to LIVEStream a virtual tour of the National Mall in Washington, D.C. With over 5,000 simultaneous views, it was an enormous success. Shortly thereafter, the decision was made to create a regular Public Access Channel in order to deliver original, educational episodes on a weekly basis.

They've come a long ways from the early History Geek days, and their work now includes videos in Math, Science, and Language Arts, in addition to their continued work promoting their love of History. Even when they are not in front of the camera, they had a hand in writing, directing, and producing the content. 

They believe that education is one of our greatest privileges, and that learning is and should be fun. Welcome to the Geek-The History Geek!

Promo Videos

Sometimes the best way to promote our History Geek Club events was with a goofy promo!

Reds vs. Indians Baseball Trip

Redtails Movie Night


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